“There is nothing but sunshine, laughter, and music in our soul & this is exactly what you will feel & experience on our tours.”

Your Aruban Friend Frankie expanded its services and is now operating as RockaBeach Tour.

We are offering a variety of tours including the well known Frankie Open Air Beach Bus, The UTV & ATV North Side Adventure Tour, 4x4 Northside Adventure Truck,  and  The 4x4 Jeep Wrangler Tour.

Our team members Joe 'aka Crazy Joe', Max 'aka Mad Max, Mark & Jelle are all professional certifide tour guides with great sense of humor and know all about Aruba's history, culture, geology and flora & fauna. They are more than happy to give you the most exceptional informative tours around the island.

Our mission is that you leave the Island with great memories and a wonderful story to take back home.

UTV / ATV Northside Adventure Tour

Get off the beaten path with us on a top quality Honda 4x4 UTV or ATV for an unforgettable adventure in Aruba.

Prepare yourself for a blissful journey in nature with breathtaking scenes that only our island has to offer. Choose between a single or double ATV or a family-size UTV that can sit from 2- 5 people together to experience the beauty of our island. During the tour you can take a dip in the turquoise waters of the natural pool, enjoy spectacular views of volcanic rocks, big ocean waves, natural bridges, phenomenal secret beaches and more striking sights and historical landmarks on the northside of Aruba. Do not wait for them to tell you, come and have an unforgettable experience with us.



Tour A: 7 Stops & Fly By Stops

- 3Bridges & Blackstone Beach

- Pass by Andicuri Beach & Go up the hill with an amazing view

- The Natural Bridge

- Bushiribana Goldmine

- Natural Pool with Cliff Jumping

- Pass by Wariruri Bridge, Oldest Chapel

- California Lighthouse

- Secret Beach with Small Cave & Cliff Jumping

ATV SINGLE  $125           UTV DOUBLE $180            UTV 4 SEATER $280
ATV DOUBLE $160         UTV 3 SEATER $230            UTV 5 SEATER $320



Tour B: 2 Natural Pools & Bridge

- Bushiribana Goldmill Ruins

- Natural Pool Cave with Cliff Jumping

- Natural Bridge

- 3Bridges & Blackstone Beach

- Arikok National Park 

- Natural Pool Conchi

ATV SINGLE   $135              UTV DOUBLE  $200               UTV 4 SEATER $320
ATV DOUBLE $180             UTV 3 SEATER $260               UTV 5 SEATER $370
Includes Arikok Park Entrance          6% Local Tax Not Included


Tour includes: pick up / drop off hotels or cruise ship, water bottle , snack, bandanas & the time of your life.

Bring :  Sun Glasses, swimming gear, towel, good sandals or shoes, and sun block for protection.

Morning Tour: 9am - 1pm ( pick up: 8:30 -8:50)

Afternoon Tour: 2:30pm - 6:30pm (pick up: 1:45-2:15)

Beach Bus Tour

Nice & Relaxing sight seeing tour in our BEACH BUS.

Half Island 

See the best of Aruba’s Landmarks comfortably with one of our professional tour guides explaining all about the island’s history & culture.


This tour will take you to see important landmarks around the island. Tour includes four stops where you can take breath taking pictures and have an unforgettable experience and stories to tell back home of the island.

Our tour guides are all Aruba Certified giving you all the information about Aruba’s culture, history and landmarks.

Tour stops: Oldest Chapel, California Lighthouse, Casibari Rock Formation, Bushiribana Goldmine, Matividiri Bay, Natural Bridge, Natural Pool Cave (optional depending on the waves) & if you want 1  Hour Beach on the SW of the Island(optional)



Adults $50,- Child $30,-

Includes: Free Pick Up & Drop Off,  Water Bottle, Snack, Snorkel Gear & Professional Tour Guide.


Full Island 

Full Island or Full Day Tour is also available upon request. On the full island tour you wil see everything, the stops will be the same as the half island tour above but after The Natural Pool Cave you will go to the East side of the island to end the tour at Aruba's Famous 'Baby Beach". On the way to Baby Beach you will see Sanicolas also known as the Carnival or Artistic City, Sero Colorado and there is a big chance that you can also see and feed the Wild Donkey's in before or after a one & a half hour swimming or snorkeling at Baby Beach. 


Adults $75,- Child $55,-

Includes: Free Pick Up & Drop Off,  Water Bottle, Snack, Snorkel Gear & Professional Tour Guide. 

North Side Adventure Tour

Let us take you on a coastal drive adventure to unforgettable landmarks.

Explore Aruba’s North shore on our 4x4 Big Jeep with the highest view on the island where you can see miles and miles away!

Get to know Aruba’s north side where you can see different kind of Volcanic Stones, Big Waves and beautiful land marks.

On this tour you will see it all, from the west, south, north and east, and every single part will be different.

Our professional Tour Guide will inform and explain all about the Geological and also flora and fauna of this side of the island, from how the island was formed to how the island is now with so many beautiful natural features. This is your chance to see the beauty of nature and see almost the whole island! This is a full island tour ! 


Sight Seeing & Stops will be: California Light House, Oldest Chapel, Casibari Rock Formation, Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Goldmill Ruins, 20min swimming at The Natural Pool Cave(if waves ar not to big), Pass in Sanicolas Artistic City, Big Red Anker, Sero Colorado, A Possibility to see Wild Donkey's and 1 1/2 hour swimming at Baby Beach. 

10:00am - 5:00pm, 4 1/2 Hours Tour - 1 1/2 Hours Beach. Includes: Snack, Water Bottle, Snorkel Gear & Profesional Certifide Tour Guide.  

Price: Adults $75,-  Child $50,-

Tour Includes: Water Bottle, Snack, Snorkel Gear & Professional Certifide Tour Guide.


(Half Day Tours are often available on the 4x4 Northside Adventure Tour, this is perfect if you are visiting the island on the cruise ship or want a smaller tour.)

Half Day Tour stops: Casibari Rock Formation, Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Goldmine, 20min swimming Natural Pool/Cave, California Light House & 1 1/2Hour swimming Beach on the SW of the Island.

Contact us for Availibility!

10:00am-3:00pm 3 Hours Tour  1/ 1/2 hours Beach.

Price:Adults: $50,- Child: $30,-  

Go-Karts Adventure

Enjoy the thrill of outdoor karting in Aruba!


Bushiri Karting Speedway, one of our Ally companies located at Bushiri #25 offers a safe environment for extremely fast kart racing with high speed passing zones and hairpin turns on a 0.5 mile professional track. With a total of 12 adult karts (15 years and up) and 6 junior karts (8-15 years), the whole family or friends can enjoy a safe race and do something out of the ordinary while on vacation. Racing helmets, head socks, and instruction for first time racers is provided, and Bushiri Karting Speedway staff members oversee every race to ensure individuals are driving safely and obeying the rules.


This is the perfect place if you’re looking for excitement and adventure under the Aruban sun driving at speeds of 50 mph in high speed performance karts.

For drivers attending a junior (8 to 15 years of age) session, a parent or legal guardian must attend. To act as a driver’s guardian you must be over 18 years of age. REMEMBER: MUST WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE KARTS BAREFOOT OR IN SLIPPERS!




Includes: Pick up/ Drop off Hotels, Introduction Briefing, 1 Practice Race, 1 Lap position Race, 1 Final Race (each race are 10minutes)

1 Soda or Water bottle, 1Hotdog, Small Snack & Medals for the winners, Group Pictures & Winner Podium Pictures posted on Facebook & Instagram.

Price: Adults $70,-  Child $60,-




    Single: $125
    Double: $160


    2 person: $180
    3 person: $230
    4 person: $280
    5 person: $320

Private UTV Tour with personal tour guide to drive you around: $100, per hour. (up to 4 person)

Includes: Non alcoholic beverages, snacks, bandanas & the time of your life.

Bring swimming gear, good sandals or shoes, sun block 

Pick up / Drop off hotels or cruise ship

*tax not included




Price: Adult(75$) Child(50$)

Duration: 4 Hours Tour / 1 Hour Baby Beach

Sight Seeing: Beautifull Landmarks On The West, South, North & East Side(Click on tours for more info)

Include: Water Bottles, Snacks,  Snorkel Gear, Professional Tour Guide, Lots Of Fun.

Bring Beach Towel, Good Sandals or Sneakers, Sun Block

Pick Up & Drop Of Hotels




Half Island Tour - Price: Adult($50) Child ($30). Duration: 3 Hours Tour + 1 Hour Beach (optional).

Full Island Tour - Price: Adult($75) Child ($55). Duration: 4 1/2 Hours Tour + 1 1/2 Hour Baby Beach.

Sight Seeing: Beautiful Landmarks around the Island(click on Tours for more

Sight Seeing: Beautiful Landmarks Around The  Island(Click on tours for more info).

Include: Water Bottle, Local Snack, Snorkel Gear, Professional Tour Guide.

Bring Beach Towel.

Pick Up & Drop Of Hotels / Cruise ships.




Price: Adult(70$) Child(60$)

Duration: 3 Hours Tour

Racing Info: 1 Practice Race, Lap Position Race, 1 Final Race (Each Race Are 10 Minutes)

Include: 1 Soda Or Water Bottle, 1 Fuel Sport Bar Burger, Chicken Burger, Medals For The Winners.

Bring: Closed Toes Shoes

Pick Up & Drop Of Hotels



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“There is nothing but sunshine, laughter, and music in our soul & this is exactly what you will feel & experience on our tours.”

Frankie is the live definition of “Island living”. Being born and raised on this beautiful island you are sure to have a passion for the beach life. Frankie has always spent most of his life on the beach surfing waves, he has that island sunshine and love in his soul.

Now a family oriented man and running a family owned business; this is exactly what he strives for; bringing you to the moments that made him who he is today and giving you every information about the history and culture of Aruba.

It all began with Frankie showing up at the cruise terminals in a vibrant colorful bus with a crazy honk. He stepped out with his flowered shirt and panama jack hat offering island tours and grabbing the attention of everyone in site. Once on the bus the fun would begin with him playing that local carnival music and putting a smile on everyone’s face. With that vivacious energy he always makes everyone laugh and have a good time from the moment you step on to the moment you step off the bus.

With time Frankie’s Tour company grew and is now known as RockaBeach Tours with more vehicles available offering a variety of tours.

Our team members: Joe 'aka Crazy Joe', Max 'aka Mad Max' , Mark & Jelle are all professional certifide tour guides with great sense of humor and know all about Aruba's history, culture, geology and a flora & fauna. They are more than happy to give you the most exceptional informative tours around the island.

All our tour guides are Aruba Certified...

Our mission is to have people leave here with great memories and a wonderful story to take back home.


www.rockabeachtours.com / rockabeachtours@gmail.com / (297) 592-9680
We are located at Bushiri Karting Speedway just minutes away from the Low Rise Hotels, infront of the Famous Ling & Sons supermarket